How the Rx Spread Negatively Impacts your Bottom Line

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Did you know that the average health plan is overspending on their prescriptions (especially specialty medications) by a factor of 2.. or even 3 or 4?

I think this is …. Insane!

Why do we allow this to happen???

We reviewed a pharmacy plan for one client (145 covered employees) and this is what we found:


Avg plan cost per pill

Can be sourced for (per pill)


Otezla 30mg




Jardiance 25mg




Eliquis 5mg




For this particular client, the actual savings was $38,822… on three prescriptions.

I think this is…. Insane!

Why do we allow this to happen???

…Because that is just how it is?

…Because we don’t know how to fix it?

…Because we can’t get data?

NONE of these are acceptable answers any longer.

  • We know how to get data (even if you have been told 100 times that you cannot)
  • We know how to get you access to the lower costs
  • We know how to make it simple and easy for your team and your employee

So this is not an intractable problem…

Would you like to know how to solve it?

This weeks video shows how it happens and we can tell you how to fix it:

Watch here:

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